Putting Patients First While Effectively Managing Maintenance Expenses

Attendees will learn how high-end imaging equipment can be maintained 24x7, with increased availability and decreased unscheduled downtime, while effectively managing costs and cost increases.


Chris Schaefer, Biomed Imaging Manager, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Chris Schaefer joined Technicare Corp. in 1979 after six years in the U.S. Navy maintaining 3D air search radars before he advanced to technical coordinator and logistics manager for the New York service area. When Johnson and Johnson closed Technicare’s doors in 1986, Schaefer became a co-founding partner for Deccaid Services, a third-party imaging maintenance company in the New York metropolitan area. In 2005, he joined NY Presbyterian to start the in-house imaging service group at Cornell. He ultimately advanced to imaging service manager New York Presbyterian.