HTM Data Analyst – Support of the business operations

This presentation will demonstrate the role of the data analyst at Intermountain Healthcare in supporting imaging equipment service business operations and the value they bring to the department.

Mike Busdicker, MBA, CHTM, System Director – Clinical Engineering Services, Intermountain Healthcare

Mike Busdicker is the system director of clinical engineering services at Intermountain Healthcare. This non-profit IDN consist of 23 hospitals, 185 clinics, homecare services, and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Busdicker oversees HTM operations for the entire health care system. This includes over 110 full-time employees, 96,000 pieces of biomedical and laboratory equipment, and over 3,500 imaging devices. Prior to his employment with Intermountain, he held leadership positions with independent service organizations and in-house HTM programs. He is an active member of AAMI, ACHE, UHE, HIMSS, NH-ISAC, MDSISC, and is a member of the AAMI Technology Management Council.