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In this presentation, participants will learn about the varied roles within MRI and the responsibilities of each role. In addition, they will learn methods to engage their radiologists to be more actively involved within the MRI department and will be exposed to helping their radiologists understand the importance of technologist and radiologist ongoing education in MRI safety.


Wendy J. Stirnkorb, CRA, MBA, RT (R), (MR) MRSO (MRSC) TM, PSG, HSDQ, Director of Imaging Services, Regional West Medical Center

Wendy Stirnkorb is a graduate of the University of South Alabama. Her educational background is in radiologic sciences and in finance. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in leadership and development. She is the director of imaging services and the dean of the school of radiology in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, overseeing a staff of about 150 employees in the imaging modalities of diagnostic X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology, imaging administration, PET/ CT, breast health, the radiology program of the school of radiology and the imaging nursing team. Stirnkorb is a certified radiology administrator and a Mayo Clinic Quality Fellow. She is currently building her LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt portfolio. She teaches MR physics and MR safety, mentors new technologists and imaging leaders and serves on several patient advisory committees. She is a member of ARRT, ASRT, SMRT, ISMRM and AHRA. She is a past board member for the WSRT, currently serves on the American Board of MR Safety and is a marketing committee member for SMRT. She also serves on the AHRA national steering committee for advancing education, research, leadership and advocacy of imaging professionals. She speaks globally on MR safety, advocating for all MR patients and technologists to have a safer MRI environment.