A Path to Medical Device Security

All of the information out there on cybersecurity can be overwhelming. The health care environment can be even more daunting as we’re not just talking about identity theft; we’re working with devices that touch human lives. The stakes have never been higher. The key takeaways from this discussion will be how to avoid being overwhelmed and offer several ideas on which path is the right one for your organization to take toward securing medical devices.

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Jon Benedict, PMP, HCISPP, GCCC, Director of Information Security and Jump Team Operations The InterMed Group

Jon Benedict, PMP, HCISPP, GCCC, is the Director of Information Security and Jump Team Operations for The InterMed Group, in Alachua, Florida. He brings a breadth of experience to this role having worked 20+ years delivering IT and IT security assessment and remediation programs to clients in health care, energy management and the telecommunications industry. He is presently working toward his master’s degree in information security management from the SANS Technology Institute.