DR Technology: Principles of Digital Detectors

Digital imaging using DR panels appears to have won the battle when it comes to the future of imaging. Changes to reimbursements and forced obsolescence CR systems will continue to be replaced by DR imaging systems at an accelerated rate. This discussion will cover the various technologies found in the DR family of products and their associated maintenance requirements. It may seem that everyone is marketing a different DR panel, but an understanding of the physical design, physics, calibration and testing requirements of these panels will allow service professionals to adapt quickly to the minor differences in the panels.

Dale Cover

Dale Cover is the President of RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute). He has been with RSTI since 1989 when he started as a lab instructor and has held many positions at the company including Technical Training Instructor, Director of Training, and VP of Pre-owned Equipment. He received his electronics training in the U.S. Army as well as leadership, equipment maintenance management, instructional and personnel management training.