Diagnosing Problems in a PACS Network Using Software Emulators

A PACS network has many parts, including the people who make the system work. On occasion, an issue arises between two entities (i.e. a CT cannot send to PACS). One side says the PACS is “working properly,” however images still cannot be sent. This class will cover the use of DICOM emulators to help isolate problems and resolve issues. We will simulate a PACS and a modality with emulators, and look at the communications to determine where potential issues arise.

Dale Cover

Dale Cover is the President of RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute). He has been with RSTI since 1989 when he started as a lab instructor and has held many positions at the company including Technical Training Instructor, Director of Training, and VP of Pre-owned Equipment. He received his electronics training in the U.S. Army as well as leadership, equipment maintenance management, instructional and personnel management training.