AAMI Credentials Institute(ACI) now offers the independent certification testing in the areas of biomedical, clinical lab, and radiology formerly offered by the International Certification Commission(ICC). The radiological endorsement is called Certification for Radiological Equipment Specialist (CRES). The test consists of a series of multiple choice questions divided into 5 sections. Up to 6 hours are allowed for completing the exam. This 8-hour course is designed to teach the experienced service professional the requisite knowledge necessary to successfully pass the radiological portion of the CRES test. The subjects include radiation physics, radiation safety, anatomy, physiology, x-ray equipment use, CDRH compliance testing, electronics, and troubleshooting. Sample testing during this program helps to reinforce good testing techniques and confidence in the process.

*Please note, there is a $100 fee associated with the CRES Prep seminar. VIP Passes and other discounts are not applicable. You must attend both sessions on Sunday and Monday to receive the full value of this presentation.

Dale Cover is the President of RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute). He has been with RSTI since 1989 when he started as a lab instructor and has held many positions at the company including Technical Training Instructor, Director of Training, and VP of Pre-owned Equipment. He received his electronics training in the U.S. Army as well as leadership, equipment maintenance management, instructional and personnel management training.