Computed Tomography: The how and why of its importance

This presentation provides a multifaceted view into the high-tech world of CT. Attendees will learn when and why CT is used and how it helps in the diagnoses of illness and disease. We will discuss the impact of the different departmental roles and responsibilities that play upon the personnel called to service these machines and why service and maintenance play such significant roles in “uptime” requirements. Lastly, we will discuss overall operation of the scanner and how it’s technology is used to produce images including discussion of the different imaging planes as well as the differentiation between CT and general X-ray imaging.

Kenneth Hable

Kenneth Hable, MD, BSRT, is Director of Engineering, Technical Prospects LLC. His career in the medical imaging field includes serving as a Radiographic Technologist, Chief Technologist and Assistant Director of Medical Imaging. He graduated from medical school in 2006 and chose to pursue the electromechanical engineering side of medical imaging equipment. He joined Technical Prospects after three years as an independent consultant.